LVDS (RS-644) PCI Express x1 Frame Grabber

  • PCIe x1 frame grabber for LVDS parallel output digital cameras.
  • Captures at data rates up to 200 megabytes per second.
  • Captures up to four 8 bit LVDS data channels, per PIXCI® D3XE.
  • Captures up to 32 bit camera LVDS data, per PIXCI® D3XE.
  • Capture 64 bit camera LVDS data, with dual PIXCI® D3XEs.
  • Asynchronous image capture camera control.
  • TTL trigger in.
  • TTL strobe out.
  • Camera exposure and reset control.
  • Line scan or area scan cameras.
  • Line drive and frame drive inputs.
  • Two general purpose TTL inputs.
  • Two general purpose TTL outputs.
  • Single or dual board configurations.
  • Video rate image sequence capture to computer memory.
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64 bit software support.

A few of the supported cameras:

  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA13
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA14
  • Atmel-Grenoble TH78CA15
  • DALSA DS-41-065K0955
  • DALSA DS-41-300K0200
  • DALSA CT-E4-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P1-1024W
  • DALSA CT-P1-2048W
  • DALSA CT-P1-4096W
  • DALSA CT-P4-6144W
  • DALSA CT-P4-8192W
  • DALSA TR31-01K25 10-Bit
  • DALSA TR31-02K25 10-Bit
  • Photo Research PR-920 DVP
  • Pulnix TMC-9700
  • Toshiba IK-TU51CU
  • Toshiba IK-TU61

COMPATIBILITY GUARANTEED - The product designation "PIXCI D3XE" refers to a series of 24+ custom-configured imaging boards; each optimized to support one of 24+ specialized digital cameras. Before a camera is added to the Camera Compatibility Guide, EPIX tests the camera and designs a camera-specific interface. Engineers custom program the PIXCI D3XE interface to exactly support the camera's video timing specifications and electronically tag the board with the camera's identification code. An "Adjust Dialog" menu, optimized to match the camera's capabilities, is added to the XCAP imaging program.

OPTIMIZED IMAGING SYSTEMS - EPIX, Inc. offers complete imaging systems including cameras, imaging boards, software, cables, computers, lenses, and lighting. All components of an EPIX imaging system are configured and tested together, as a system, so the system can be guaranteed to work properly, the first time, right out of the box.


Supports The Camera's Maximum:
Horizontal resolution.
Vertical resolution.
Frame rate.
Bit depth.

Signal Levels:
Differential RS-644 camera image data input.
TTL trigger in/out.
TTL frame enable in/out.
TTL inputs, two.
TTL outputs, two.

One 100 pin cable receptacle.
One 10 pin header for TTL I/O & triggers.

Bus Requirments:
One full height PCI Express slot.
Operates in any PCI Express slot.

Height: 3.676 inches, 9.337 cm.
Length: 4.75 inches, 12.065 cm.

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