Mini PCI Express x1 Base Camera Link Test Generator

Smallest base camera link frame generator plugs into a mini PCI express card slot. PIXCI EB1miniTGC features a very flexible Samtec cable to connect to the SDR or MDR connector for tight spaces in an embedded chassis. Generates base camera link digital video from test patterns, captured video, or live video with sustained rates of 200 megabytes per second. A very flexible cable allows for easy mounting of the MDR or SDR connector in a small embedded chassis. Includes software to generate, view, and display images and image sequences.


  • Plugs into full length mini PCIe slot
  • 2.5 gigabit per second burst transfer rate
  • 200 megabytes per second sustained transfer rate
  • SDR camera link connector
  • Available with No SDR connector for custom cables
  • Image data DMA transferred from host memory
  • 64 bit memory addressing for extended display


  • Test images captured by a Base Camera Link frame grabber
  • Monochrome or color linear ramp test data
  • Monochrome static or moving test data
  • Bayer color static test data
  • Continuous video pixel clock
  • 20 MHz to 85 MHz pixel clock
  • 8/10/12 bit 1 tap and 2 tap test data
  • 14/16 bit 1 tap test data
  • 8 bit 3 tap test data
  • Image sequences stored in host memory


  • 1.5 volts at 200 milliamps
  • 10 pin header for trigger, strobe, frame in/out, two ttl in/two ttl out
  • 3.3 volt LVTTL signal levels on header
  • 2.0 inches (50.95mm) by 1.18 inches (30mm)
  • 1.4 oz, 41 grams
  • 3.3 volts at 150 milliamps
  • CE, ROHS Compliant
  • Generates a camera link pixel clock from 20 to 85 MHz
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • XCAP-Lite test pattern control program included with test generator purchase
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64-bit


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