PIXCI® D32 for Dalsa

PIXCI® D32 PCI Imaging Board for DALSA Digital Output Cameras:
Picture of PIXCI® D32 Card
  • Line Scan or Area Scan
  • 8 to 32 Bit Camera Data
  • One, Two, Three, or Four 8-bit Channels
  • One, Two, or Three 10-bit Channels
  • One or Two 12, 14, or 16-bit Channels
  • External Trigger In/Out
  • 32 bit PCI Bus Master
  • 132 MB/s Burst Transfers
  • Image Sequence Storage to Motherboard Memory
  • Asynchronous Capture Control
  • Camera Integration and Reset Control
  • WinNT, Win95/98, DOS Software
  • Call about other Cameras

The PIXCI® D32 series of PCI imaging boards provides a simple, high bandwidth, low cost interface between camera and computer. It provides clean, accurate, and precise pixel information from single, dual, triple, or quad channel DALSA digital output cameras.

The PIXCI® D32 series supports a wide range of digital cameras, but any single PIXCI® D32 imaging board is configured for a specific camera model. It is a plug-and-play board with no jumpers or adjustments. Simply insert the board into your computer, install the software, and connect the cable - your system is ready to capture and analyze images!

The PIXCI® D32 is a high bandwidth interface controlled by the camera's pixel clock for data in, and by the computer's PCI clock for data out.

Only the PCI bandwidth constrains the use of multiple cameras. The PCI bus can transfer data at rates up to 132 megabytes per second in burst mode, or up to 100 megabytes per second sustained.

A single PIXCI® D32 can interface to either 1, 2, 3, or 4 single channel 8-bit cameras (if the cameras can be pixel-clock locked), allowing simultaneous video rate acquisition to PC memory. The PIXCI® D32 also supports dual channel 16-bit cameras, or can interface to triple channel 10-bit cameras. Multiple PIXCI® D32 imaging boards can be installed in a single computer.

EPIX software is designed for imaging applications requiring control of specific DALSA camera signals. Software control is provided for the PRIN signal (exposure) and the EXSYNC signal (line rate or frame rate).

The PIXCI® D32 provides 16 bit counters to program the EXSYNC and PRIN signals for DALSA cameras. The board can be used for asynchronous capture or extended integration.

EPIX software specializes in sequence capture and display with the ability to fill all of the available PC memory. Sequences from DALSA line scan cameras are captured into user-defined image buffers without loss of a single line! Line scan images can be viewed, processed, and analyzed exactly like area scan images.

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