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PCI Express x8 Frame Grabber For High Bandwidth Camera Link Cameras

  • High Bandwidth Camera Link Frame Grabber
  • Base, Medium, Full Camera Support
  • Extended, Expanded, or 10-Tap Support
  • Dual Base Camera Support
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL)
  • PCI Express x8 Bus
  • 1.4 Gbyte/sec Burst Transfer
  • Line Scan or Area Scan
  • Camera Frame Rate Sequence Capture
  • Triggered Image Sequence Capture
  • 64-Bit Memory Addressing
  • Camera Integration & Async Reset Control
  • Images Stored in Motherboard Memory or RAID Array
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64–bit
Camera Link

The PIXCI® E8 PCI Express x8 frame grabber supports the highest bandwidth Camera Link cameras. The PIXCI E8 supports any base, medium, full, or 80-Bit camera (850 megabyte per sec maximum data rate). Two PIXCI E8s can be used to support higher bandwidth Camera link cameras like the AVT Bonito (4 megapixel resolution at 386 frames per second for a sustained data rate of 1546 megabytes per second). One PIXCI E8 supports one or two base configuration cameras. The PIXCI® E8 acquires image data from a Camera Link camera at up to 850 megabytes per second, and transfers the data, at burst transfer rates up to 1.4 gigabytes per second, to the PCI Express bus. A switch on the PIXCI E8 converts between “Base, Medium, Full” mode and “Dual Base” mode. PoCL (Power over Camera Link) is provided on the two Camera Link connectors.

The PIXCI® E8 provides camera operation in free-run mode for maximum frame rate sequence capture. Control mode can use a low voltage TTL (3.3V) trigger signal to control asynchronous image capture. The XCAP program provides camera-specific control (exposure, bit depth, gain, frame rate, etc.) with dedicated Capture & Adjust dialogs. More than 900 Extended, Full, Medium, and Base configuration Camera Link cameras are supported. Other Camera Link cameras are supported with a generic Capture & Adjust dialog.

The PIXCI® E8 can be used in a PC with a PCI Express x8 or x16 slot. It requires no more than 512 megabytes of computer memory. 64-bit memory addressing allows video capture directly to terabytes of computer memory for sequence durations measured in seconds, minutes or hours. When used with the XCAP-Std program images can be captured to a hard or solid state drive, or to a drive array.

Multiple PIXCI® E8 boards can be used in the same computer supporting multiple identical or different cameras. The PIXCI® E8 can be used in the same computer with other EPIX® frame grabbers, allowing simultaneous capture from different camera models.

EPIX, Inc. has been providing imaging solutions and support for OEM machine vision manufacturers and engineers since 1984. EPIX, Inc. assembles complete imaging systems with cameras, frame grabbers, high-performance PCI Express buses, and with RAID arrays for video-to-disk capture. EPIX® imaging systems, custom-built to your specifications, feature Intel motherboards and processors.

Featured In:


  Camera Resolution Frame Rate Bit Depth / Pixels Notes
Allied Vision Technologies Bonito CL-400 Monochrome or Color 2320×1726 400 fps 10-Bit CMOS 7 µ2 3.89 Mpixel Needs one PIXCI® E8 for half frame rate, two for full frame rate.
Basler Basler A406k
Monochrome or Color
2320×1726 209 fps 8-Bit CMOS 7 µ2 3.89 Mpixel  
Basler Basler A504k
Monochrome or Color
1280×1024 500 fps 8-Bit CMOS 12 µ2 1.25 Mpixel Global Shutter.
Windowing for faster frame rate.
Mikrotron Mikrotron EoSens CL 1362/1363
Monochrome or Color
1280×1024 500 fps 8/10-Bit CMOS 14 µ2 1.25 Mpixel Global Shutter. ISO 2500 (Mono).
Windowing for faster frame rate.
NAC NAC HotShot 512 CL
Monochrome or Color
512×512 2300 fps 8-Bit CMOS 16 µ2 0.25 Mpixel ISO 1650 (Mono).
Freeze-Frame Global Shutter.
NAC NAC HotShot 1280 CL Monochrome or Color 1280×1024 500 fps 8-Bit CMOS 12 µ2 1.25 Mpixel ISO 400 (Mono).
Freeze-Frame Global Shutter.
Princeton Instruments Cameras Princeton Instruments ES2020 or ES2001 Monochrome or Color 1600×1200 31.85 fps 12-Bit CCD 7.4 µ2 1.92 Mpixel Simultaneous
up to
at full
bit depth,
frame rate.
Princeton Instruments Cameras Princeton Instruments ES2093 Monochrome or Color 1920×1080 30.12 fps 12-Bit CCD 7.4 µ2 2.074 Mpixel
Princeton Instruments Cameras Princeton Instruments ES4020 Monochrome or Color 2048×2048 15.05 fps 12-Bit CCD 7.4 µ2 4.19 Mpixel
Princeton Instruments Cameras Princeton Instruments ES11000 Monochrome or Color 4008×2672 5.86 fps 12-Bit CCD 9.0 µ2 10.71 Mpixel
Princeton Instruments ES1603 Princeton Instruments ES1602 or ES1603 Monochrome 1536×1024 6.2 fps 12-Bit CCD 9.0 µ2 1.57 Mpixel
Princeton Instruments Cameras Princeton Instruments ES3200 Monochrome 2184×1472 2.9 fps 12-Bit CCD 6.8 µ2 3.3 Mpixel
Princeton Instruments EC11000 Princeton Instruments EC11000 Monochrome or Color 4008×2672 5.86 fps 12-Bit CCD 9.0 µ2 10.71 Mpixel Peltier Cooled
  Virtually ALL Full, Medium, & Base Camera Link Cameras Supports Camera's Maximum Resolution Supports Camera's Maximum Frame Rate Any Optimzed for camera link cameras listed in PIXCI Selection Guide .

The chart lists high-performance cameras that showcase the PIXCI® E8 board's capability to transfer massive amounts of image data which translates into the ability to capture high resolutions at comparatively fast frame rates. The PIXCI® E8 is primarily designed to support high performance cameras, but it also works with virtually ALL camera link cameras.

Please visit the PIXCI Selection Guide for a comprehensive listing of supported cameras.


EIA RS-644 (LVDS) Drivers & Receivers support pixel clock frequencies up to 85 MHz.
PERFORMANCE (Camera Link):
Supports the camera's maximum:
Horizontal Resolution
Vertical Resolution
Frame Rate
Bit Depth
Two 26-pin 3M MDR Camera Link connectors for Full, Medium, and Base.
10-pin header for Trigger, Frame Enable, and Strobe.
10-pin header for General Purpose Inputs and Outputs.
PCI Express x8 Bus slot.
Operates in PCI Express Bus x16 or x8 slot.
12 V @ 120 mA
3.3 V @ 720 mA
Total 3.816 Watts
13.08 cm long by 10.55 cm high
(5.15" long x 4.153" high)
CE. FCC, & ROHS Compliant
Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with board purchase), XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Std, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL.
Compatible with 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, LINUX, and 32-bit DOS. Also TWAIN and Image-Pro Compatible.


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